This day, those years!

Remember those days?

It’s your birthday and its Valentine’s day. I still remember the first time you told me this. I was convinced it was just because you wanted an extra kiss. Not that I minded. I actually thought it was very cute. And then when we started going out I could never decide what to celebrate. I wanted to be cool and say your birthday was more important but my heart skipped a little bit every year when I saw you walk in with flowers. You never bought me flowers any other day of the year but every year, today, I knew that routine would be broken. We did corny romantic things and today when I look back at it I laugh but there is this warmth that fills my heart remembering the moments we shared. It was beautiful and it was to last forever. And today I sit in an  auto, passing by young couples holding hands. I don’t miss you. I miss us. I wish there was anger but all that there is, is affection and a deep sense of gratitude for allowing me to experience  overwhelming love at it’s highest order, perhaps and letting the magic change my life.

Happy Valentine’s day. You’ll always be very special and oh, I almost forgot, happy birthday too!

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