I try very hard
To get you out of my mind’s eye
To fill those gaps with chatter
With conversations that I hope will touch a part of me somewhere
I look far and wide
While you stand in front of me
Looking over your shoulder
Searching for faces that will catch my eye
That smile that will tell me I am not alone
That look that will tell me its not an unfair world out there
All I see is masks, black, blue and white
I could paint them in any colour I want
I could paint a smile or a tear
I could make them speak a language I want to hear
But every time I reach out in the hope that this is the one
The foreground seems brighter
A spark that perhaps only I see
A ray that burns everything else out in sight
It’s you, it’s always you and can never be anyone else
I shine in that radiance
Glow like the light penetrates my soul
And all that I want to do right then
Is burn in that fire
So that you are the only one
Who feels the warmth of my ash

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