The 35th

So the 35th birthday came and went. And what a birthday it was!

Started off with my mad gang of friends walking in at 10 pm the night before and continuing to party till 6am the next morning. The birthday hour was welcomed in with tequila shots and copious amounts of alcohol. Lots of laughter, emotions and even tears saw the night flow into the morning and I went to bed with the break of day knowing that no matter what I have a bunch of friends who will be watching my back for a long time to come.

The birthday noon was a very special one. Friends from office threw me a very sweet surprise party and the whole gang partied till evening, playing cards and binging on beer and biriyani. Of course the masterminds were two of my closest friends from work, with one of them cutting short a trip and flying in just to be there for me.  Every time I think of that afternoon I feel blessed because there are very few people who develop relationships at the work place that go beyond just socialising post office and I’m lucky to have them.

But as the day rolled by and I entered another year, the reality of life struck. This year is going to be a tough one, emotionally and professionally and I hope to keep my head high, swim against the tide and not give into that moment of weakness which might pull me down and drown out what I really want. So as I step into my 35th year I hope and pray that this year teaches me strength, gives me wisdom and helps me recognise myself for who I truly am.

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