I Want To…

I want to watch the rain with you
Feel the raindrops trickle down our face and smart our eyes as we try to talk through it
Explaining to each other how the rains always touch our soul

I want to read that book with you
The one which will give us endless hours of conversation and debate
And make us wonder how it must have been back then

I want to walk that road with you
The way we do now
Except I want it everyday, walking past those familiar faces
And burst into paroxysms of laughter every time we get a weird stare

I want to sit across you
In that seedy place we love
And talk like no one can hear us
Baring our hearts, without the fear of being judged

I want to be able to laugh with you
To see that twinkle when the smile reaches your eyes
As you absorb the words in your head because you know its too corny to be said

I want to be there when the going gets tough
When all you will need is a cave to hide away
So that you dont need to face the sun that day

I want to be be that hand you hold
Because that grip will make sure you stay on the path
And not lose your way as the pebbles try to take you on a different trail

I want to be there and I know I will be forever
But when I’m gone and the last bugle has fallen quiet
All that will remain is a memory of what was
Till the next person comes in and grabs a bit of your soul


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