The Warm Blanket

There are times in your life when you meet someone and you just know it’s right. It’s not a romantic connection but a soul-connect that is difficult to explain. It’s like talking to yourself and that voice we often rely on,that comes from the depth of our soul, seems to now be sitting across the table, looking at you with a smile and telling you what you’re already thinking. And when you talk, you see that nod of the head and you know you’re reaching into someone the way he/she reaches into you. I often wonder if these friendships are for life and it scares me to even think it might not be. It amazes me to think what I was doing all this time, alone, because no one has ever understood me or spoken to me like this. It’s not butterflies in your stomach, it’s not romantic bells in your head but it’s a warm comfort of knowing there is a hand to hold when the road ahead is filled with pebbles and a shoulder to bury your nose in when you don’t want to face the sun anymore.

Relationships don’t need to be named. All relationships don’t need to be defined. The beauty of these relationships lie in the fact that there is no explanation of what it is and how it happened and for that matter where its going. You discover it one day, out of the blue and before you know it, it’s an integral part of your soul. Doesn’t have to be a part of your life, in what you do, in every moment or every experience. But at the bottom of it all, it’s a connect that defies every other relationship you’ve known. It’s a warm blanket you would pull over yourself and even when it’s in tatters, you would want it there, curled in your little finger as you fall asleep. It’s perhaps not the only blanket you ever use but it’s the only one in which you can bury your face and that warm musty smell of years of use gives you a comfort nothing else can ever give you.

All of us have that warm blanket in our lives. But in our extreme endeavor to find happiness and hit the right spots in life, we often miss them when they are right in front of us. I seem to have found mine and I am so glad I did

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