The monsters in my head!

These nights are horrible, long, dark and  dreary. Endless hours of waiting for that elusive sleep to come by and take over. All sounds seem so magnified. All thoughts are so severe. The voices in my head seem to have minds of their own, telling me to think something, yet conspiring among themselves to let a stranger sneak in and throw me off-guard. Nothing seems in proportion anymore. The love seems almost engulfing, the lack of it seems suicidal. The little things you do seem so sensitive and the things you don’t make me feel like the world will come crashing down. The phone book seems the best friend then because even reading beyond a point is cumbersome, reminding me why I’m awake. I go through the lists, the whatsapp lists, the messenger lists, the address book, wondering who is awake now, just to say hi. Some seem to be and seem so close. But you don’t want to barge in there and destroy the space they enjoy in the dead of the night. But, perhaps they too are scared. Perhaps they too wish someone would reach out and lend a hand. Perhaps that’s what friendships were built on earlier and maybe we have lost all of it today.

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