The day the music played

There were times when the music played
Loud and clear
Almost a tune that I heard
Bringing innermost thoughts to the front
Slow down it said
Savour the moment, the minute, the hour
Experience it, soak it in
And you will never regret it was here

And then almost like that
It stopped one day
The chords out of sync, the tune not something I knew
I rushed, strumming chords, beating the black and white things that played
Hoping it would reverberate again
I was waiting for it to say something
To tell me what I needed to hear

It’s scary when the tunes don’t match
When all that you hear and all that you think just don’t fit
The tunes are happy and the thoughts are sad
The thoughts remain but the tunes don’t
I looked, I know I did
Strained to hear tunes that made me smile
Tunes that took me back to the time that was
But the music never played

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