The truth of my soul

Don’t break my heart like only you could
Without a word, without a signAll it takes is just you
You being you
Oblivious of me, inspite of me, around me
They told me you never realized
And I wasn’t being true to the other
What did I expect? where did I see this go?
I always knew you would, one day
And that day is yet to come
But I know it will, soon
And I will be here and you will be here too
I am being true, to my soul, to yours too
Perhaps not what they want to hear anymore
But it’s true
And how do I  not say this anymore?
Wouldn’t that be not true? to me?
And if i wasn’t true to me, how would you expect it to be you?
So here we stand my friend
My soul in my hand, my heart in my head
All telling me it’s nearing the end
I will watch it go
And pine for you when it’s no more
There is no truth perhaps
But this is how it’s meant to be
And so we continue on this journey
Trudging along
Till we meet again

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