You are someone I have known forever
Permeating my thoughts, my dreams, the ambitions I didnt know
Your presence gave me courage
The will to go on when the road ahead seemed tough
I have held onto your hand, clutching my fingers tightly around yours
Never letting the shadow bother my being
The voices in my head, yours and mine
Conversing what could have been, if the time and place were right
But then when the reverie broke
The world seemed bereft of colour and sound
The shadows were gone and so was the voice
And the warmth I recognized as mine
Now I sit here
Waiting for you to come back again
To smile and call my name
And hold me tight as we traverse the path unknown
But they say the dead never rise
That you will now forever be a frame
But in my heart, baba
You will be the man who gave me a name

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