Happy birthday to me

Birthdays are special days. As we grow older we often try to hide our excitement from the world, appear mature, calm and sensible. But deep down in our hearts there is a fluttering butterfly which hopes that our family and loved ones will do something special, some small gesture that will make the day memorable and pleasant. So we wake up in the morning to numerous phone calls and messages from friends, a warm loving wish from the family, quietly waiting for that “jack-in-the-box” moment, when someone in the family will do something that will define this birthday forever. We wait and the day rolls by, evening sets in and the birthday is over. And then we lie in bed at night and realize that this is what is ailing the world-expectations.  We expect so much from others just because we make the same effort ourselves. We kid ourselves for being special. We think the world is looking forward to this day when they can tell us how much we are loved. But its all in the mind. Free the mind and it wont matter what happens and what doesnt.

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