Only if love made the world go around

Relationships and its implications have always intrigued me. Relationships that have been forged beyond the realms of family and are yet closer than them; relationships that were built out of friendships and crashed because of the very reason- proximity ( geographical and emotional); relationships that have stood the test of time, beyond marriages and children and work and all that jazz; relationships that grew out of a love interest and continue to blossom in some way, away from everyone’s eyes, yet nurtured in individual souls even to this day.

One such relationship is of 2 people I know, both of whom I adore and think of very highly. A love affair gone wrong at a very early stage in their lives, for reasons I would like to believe, that were not quite valid. Well, in hindsight, it does look so but it was a different time and place and needless to say what was valid then, might not hold any water now. Both moved on, moved countries and continents, separately, built careers and families and led lives that could perhaps adorn magazine covers of being the perfect family. But somewhere in it all, a small part of their souls lay with each other, tucked away but not forgotten, perhaps not nurtured but definitely not neglected. They thought of each other, without pining for them, memories brought a smile and perhaps a tear, and every moment as they moved on in their lives, they wished the other well. I saw them closely, one of them more than the other and always thought how wonderful it would be if they met again but feared how they would handle it. And then it happened, they met and sparks flew. They realized what they had and that the love was still there. I stood there at the sidelines, loving what I saw but also praying that none of them get hurt in the bargain. And it is through them that I learnt that true love never dies…changes form perhaps but never wanes away.

As I write this, they sit in 2 different cities in the country, one looking out for the other but also respecting the fact that they live different lives; wishing they could speak to each other every moment but also holding back for the fear of intruding the others space; they are each others best friend and conscience, each others mind-space without an obvious display of love. yes I know that’s how one expects adults to behave but it is difficult to continue to love and be loved, without expecting a thing in return. And as I see them go through this every day, their love only growing stronger, I start believing in the power of love even more and I doff my hat to them and pray they continue to love each other and find happiness and peace in it, till the end.

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