It’s 4 years today baba and there still are nights when I cry myself to sleep.I so wish you were here-see me do well at work, see our new car, see me off on my first trip to Europe.  Everything. It just doesnt feel right. I was always your little girl. You fought with me, you scolded me, you got upset. But you always came around sooner than I would expect. When you went, you took a part of me with you. I grew up that very day. I realized that there was this one place in my heart that would always be empty and noone could ever take that place. I see so many people now and increasingly often nowadays I wish you would cross the road in front of me or just land up at my door. I know it will never happen but I so wish it does. They say everyone has a twin in this world and I want to meet yours. Maybe that will give me peace. I never thought it would be so difficult. I dont talk about you often but even now I dont think there is one night a week when I dont cry myself to sleep, thinking of you. I would do anything to have you back, to hear you call my name, to see you smile. I miss you and I’m sure you miss us too, I just wish you
didnt have to go. I try to be your daughter, every single day and I hope you’re proud of me. Ma and dada miss you too and I know you watch out for them like you do forme, I miss your presence and I wish you were here for me to take care of you. I miss you and I hope you are hapoy where you are and you can read  this letter of mine. I love you and I always
will. You will always be my hero and noone can take that away from me,

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