Around the House

Our home is not something you would expect featured in a magazine- neat, prim and proper and beautified. It is a space that works with assortment of knick-knacks, vibrant colours, lots of plants and things that are easy to handle and non-precious in the monetary sense of the term. We have house guests very often and one thing I didnt want my house to be was “unapproachable” ( if you know what I mean). I have friends who have huge spaces they call home and very very expensive furniture and upholstery. But what makes it a home is the fact that there too all we need to do is just put up our feet and prop ourselves on some cushions and the warmth of the place just takes over. That is what we wanted for our house. Everything that this house has today has been sourced by us over the years, some hand me downs, some because we couldn’t afford any better. But all in all its a space we love coming back to every day.

When we got married we had no money and therefore no furniture we could call our own. While in Kolkata, my mum in law very graciously offered us pieces of her furniture that we could make do with, till the time we could afford our own. When we moved to Delhi in 2006, we came with 2 rope chairs ( that belonged to M’s parents’ larger sofa set), 2 mattresses ( 1 double, 1 single) and 1 gas oven. That’s it. And it is only over the years that we have managed to build this space together. There is a lot more that we want to do with it but we believe that its best to atleast make do with what we have currently and keep adding things, as and when. So here’s a small glimpse of the space we call home.

1. I love, love, love lights and candles. Leave me in a shop which sells lights and I could be your slave forever. But I must also mention that I hate shopping in big fancy shops. Small quirky markets is my calling.

The bug lamp that adorns the doorway leading into the house

My fascination with candles will never cease- no matter what shape or size

This is a family heirloom and a very prized possession of my dad. The original chimney cracked and apparently they don’t make chimneys this size anymore. So I am making do with a small chimney which I found some time back. This also cracked when I moved the lamp from Kolkata to Delhi and I have managed to put it together with some cellotape since I have no other alternative

It’s a pity I can’t light this lamp. So I try to make do by lighting the area around it

I love string lights and I always have a place for them somewhere in and around the house. This is my string of orchids lighting up an old wooden cabinet in the drawing room

This is my latest buy from Jaipur…I am completely in love with this crushed glass look

To give you an idea- this is how it looks- in one corner of the living room

I use lights wherever possible, to just brighten up a dull corner. And please excuse the “bartans” on the table. It was a regular working day and I just wanted to capture this look. Like I said, this house is for us, not for the magazines

2. We also have a fascination for masks and animals of different kinds. My carpenter finds this very weird and thinks it’s something to do with obsession with dead people and animals. It’s nice to freak him out once in a while

That’s my mask wall. The radiogram you see below it was given to my mum by my grandfather and I got it with me to Delhi this time when my mum shifted house in Kolkata. Again something that is very precious to me. The movers broke the legs and the pin of the turntable inside is also broken though

Three little donkeys that keep my books company

geckos that I picked up from an Africa stall somewhere

A little hen who also doubles up as a candle stand whenever I feel like it

That poster far behind has 100 dogs and a cat…just in case I ever felt lonely. Oh…and also we love white furniture. This was a regular cane dining table we picked up when my parents were visiting us the first time around. We got our trusted maali to sit and paint the whole thing white over 2-3 afternoons and voila…this is what it looks like

Our fascination with people, animals, places and lots of colour gets translated onto our fridge door as well

3. My little patch of green- that’s what I like to call my verandah which hardly has any place to stand. While I wish I had a huge sprawling place for my plants, I knew I had to do the best I could with what I had. I have inherited this love for plants from my dad and having plants around me all the time somehow also remind me of him.

That is my “garden” complete with a watchman to keep watch

butterflies and birds add to the colour

Mr. Monkey hangs on in careless abandon

Mr. Froggy peeps out of the pudina plant

So here it is people- a glimpse into our home. I didn’t ever think I would do a house post but then the madmomma had her way and forced me to sit and put this down on paper. Now I am glad I did.

17 thoughts on “Around the House

  1. Oi.. You didn’t get one of that white stand in your dining room, like a ladder. And please, when you have time, take one more in the living room when the afternoon sun shines through the curtains with a hint of it open and the green of your balcony peeking through. I love that time of day at your place.


    • that white stand had bread, butter, bartan, eggs and perhaps some humans too on every rung-therefore gave it a miss :p…will do the balcony snap soon


  2. Gorgeous home and the most beautiful curios. Next – can we have a few long shots of the rooms – to see how everything fits in together? Now that you have whetted our appetite – it’s only right you do so – isn’t it?


    • hey Kamini…thanks so much!!! u know this post took a long time to materialise, with my laziness being the key hindrance. Now that this is done, the stage 2 is another project altogether. Also the long shots are the tricky ones…involves a lot of cleaning of rooms and spaces to make them all look nice together. These deceptive shots are the best- make a good impression and yet cover all the wrong patches πŸ˜‰ on a serious note, there are long shots of the living and dining room. I have to get around doing some shots of the balcony and the bedroom.


      • I know what you mean about the cleaning up. My home is such a sty – even if i have to take a pic of the kids – i need hours of cleaning up before I can take a pic. When we do clean up our house – the kids ask- who’s coming? Oh the shame!

        More long shots!!! Establishing where the pretty stuff you have in close-ups sit πŸ˜€


  3. So pretty…your house has become something of an institution now…and even your friends have so many memories attached to it (I can list at least 10 personal ones!). And I know it’s supposed to be casual and not “feature-in-a-magazine” kinds…but when you take the long shots please do justice to the place…I want better pics!!


  4. Came here via Indya kaleidoscope FB page. Absolutely gorgeous home. Loved all the corners, the unique knick-knacks and lampshades, esp the antique one. Please do give a more elaborate home tour πŸ™‚


    • hahahahha…I think I will have to succumb to the pressure of “long shots” soon now. The antique lamp is my favourite too…just that it’s seen too much of wear and tear over the years. But this is one thing I shall take to my grave.


  5. Gorgeous home. I’ve seen many lovely homes but feel this sort of connection with yours where you have definitely embraced the concept of Wabi Sabi – everything is precious! Love it.


    • thanks Kamini…yes everything in this house, no matter how big or small is very precious and I go through a meltdown every time I need to chuck stuff. The primary reason for this I think is because nothing was given to us, either through marriage or as gifts. We bought everything this house has- at times really scrounged around for it and cut out on other frills because we couldnt afford it. Therefore everytime something gets spoilt or is broken I just feel a part of our lives goes with it.


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