I won, I won, I won :)

So, the post was written and the lunch was won and off, we happily trotted, to join the lovely Yashodhara and a bunch of other bloggers for fun Asian food at Mamagoto, one of the hippest joints in Delhi NCR. What also helped is the fact, that since I have pledged my life to South East Asia, nothing could make me happier than devouring S.E Asian food at any point of day or night.

We reached late. No, it was for no fault of mine but a friend and fellow blogger who was supposed to come along with me ( yes, yes- I am talking to YOU ;)) and then got stuck with a mad driver who scolded me for talking loudly in the cab and massive traffic jams. Really, people should just sit at home on a Saturday afternoon and think twice before clogging the roads with their numerous cars of different shapes and sizes. So, anyway, we also picked up Chandni on the way and reached, huffing and puffing. Y was kind enough not to make us sit in a corner with no food and much “stuffing of the mouth” was done by all.

For me, this was the first time I went to a blogger meet. So it was nice and fun and new and all things associated. Had some lovely conversation with Dipta about the perils of being vegetarian and Amrita got him on the wrong foot with a movie he was not able to locate or name ( the horrors!!!). Vijay of the “Just Married Please Excuse” fame tried to make some noise about how all that Y wrote was actually completely untrue. But I don’t think anybody fell for that one. Poor soul.

All in all it was a good afternoon, spent amidst yummy food, lots of chatter and the lovely Y. I returned with a signed copy of the book 🙂 and finished it in one straight sitting, snorting with laughter through the pages, much to the amused expression of M, who peered in from time to time to figure out how a marriage could be so funny. Of course it just went to prove that he never knew what a cartoon he was himself…but that’s another post altogether.


5 thoughts on “I won, I won, I won :)

      • and yes please write…the fact that its 20 yrs itself is enough…just put the title and u don’t even need to write a post…and considering who u’re married to, it will be entertaining as hell


    • I loved the book too…I finished it in one straight setting. I like the fact that it is funny without trying to be so. Some of the conversations and instances are so much similar to what we go through in our daily lives and I think thats what hits home for a lot of readers like us.


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