Where do we go from here?

Some relationships cannot be defined…and probably should not be. Relationships are fluid…they take one shape after another, constantly blurring boundaries and crossing limits, often trespassing and smashing notions that existed about “ how it should all be”. I’ve had my fair share of these relationships- some I hold onto dearly, some not so much. Some I still haven’t figured out and some I’ve blocked consciously. They often misguide my thinking, the myriad shades blending into each other, confusing my sensibilities and completely taking me by surprise when I expect it the least.

People say you should let go. But that’s perhaps the most improbable thing I’ve ever heard. Letting go is not just physical but severely emotional. Once a relationship ends or is even strained, how can one ever let go without feeling it? Is it possible to just stand there and wipe the memories clean once it’s over?

I often tell myself it’s ok, it’s over. They were there for a reason. Someone walking out of your life doesn’t mean they don’t love you anymore but just that their time in your life is finished. They will move on and so will you. To other people and relationships which are dearer.

Something I once read in a book by Dr. Brian Weiss gives me comfort. It says that whoever it is in your life that you love dearly and is close to will come back to you in your next life and was probably there in your previous one as well. Maybe not in the same capacity as they are there today but in some relationship that was perhaps as vital or even more. This gives me hope and the belief that it’s not over till it is. So what if they decide to turn their back on you when your time with them is done. So what if they don’t see the tears behind your smile as you watch them turn the corner and melt into the crowd ahead. They will come back. Sometime. For sure.

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