Because I shall cheat a little

Iv been thinking for long that its time I write something for the blog…but of course I never get around to doing it. Well, anyway, yesterday I did write something and posted it on fb instead of posting it here. So today I shall cheat and put it here because that qualifies for a post…yes it does no matter what you say…so here goes

There was a whisper in the wind
A murmur, a sigh, a yearn
Of long lost tales and songs unsung
Of memories that now lie covered in patches of dust
Forgotten, lost, but not discarded

I sift through it all
Not knowing what I will find
Perhaps a smile, perhaps a tear
Or maybe even an angry scorn

But deep down I know that behind it all lies a bond
Where we connected, one upon a time long long ago
It might be years before I see you again
Our vision might be blurred, our memory weak and our bodies frail
But that touch of a hand, that look, that smile
Will hold us together, forever
For a friendship is built, not through sounds but through strings that bind our souls

and btw…does anybody else other than me ever drop by? if you do, please do say hi…atleast it will give me a push to write some more.


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