Do You Ever?

Do you ever feel that the earth is closing in on you?
That every time you speak, you know there will be tears instead of words?
That nobody else will ever understand your angst, your pain and your sorrow?
That they can’t help you because you cannot help yourself…

What do you do in times like these?
Do you hide away and draw pictures in the dark?
Do the shadows become your best friend when no one else can peer in and see the light inside?
Does darkness become your soul and your new colour for life?
Or do you shun it away in search of the ray of light outside your door?

It is never easy in times like these
To stand up, wipe the tears and smile
To know that it’s imperative that you must walk again
To tread the familiar path, get lost and find your way
To turn corners and smile that it was once there

This is the life we lead my friends
A bit of love, a bit of laughter, a bit of smiles
And pain
But this is what makes us what we are
Because for every piece of black, colours lay hidden beneath
It’s about scratching the surface hard and finding the myriad within
It’s never about giving up
But always about the final win!!!

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