And all is well in the world again…

When I started writing this post earlier in the evening I was really in a very weird space in my head- very blank, emotionless and dead inside. And sitting down to write the post I was really thinking of how useless marriage is as an institution. When I say marriage what I really mean is a relationship and not necessarily marriage in the legal sense of the term. I was having this really bad day for no reason actually and as soon as I saw M, I  just kind of gave up and gave him a really nasty time. And as the evening gradually rolled into the night and I had a surprise visit from a really old friend, I sat with her, discussed her love life and that really lifted my spirits. She’s had her rough patch, gone through a horrible marriage and now back to picking up the pieces of her life and exploring love again. Seeing her so gaga in love and with dreams of a new tomorrow it made me realize that I have been *touchwood* lucky and happy so far. And moments like this evening come and go and not enough reason for me to feel that my world was falling apart. Like they say…its all about the journey my friend…if the journey is worth it, the end destination doesnt seem to matter that much. So here you go my man…you rock. I could do with some changes but defective ka zamana hai…asli cheez milta hi nahi hai!!!

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