When does it get too late?

The other day I met a friend who is very dear to me. Though I dont know him for a decade, the last 5 years that we’ve known each other, we’ve just seemed to hit it off …well…very well. It’s not that we talk everyday or meet every week ( he doesnt even stay here) but whenever we do, we seem to know what the other person is feeling. He is quite a jerk, even though i decide not to see it, but he is a complete sweetheart. Though he is not the quintessentially romantic type, he is extremely adorable at heart and Iv been trying to fix him up with a friend of mine for some time.

So last week, while we sat at home chatting and catching up, he mentioned that he “felt” he was in love. now he’s not the type to take anybody or anything seriously and always laughs at me when I tell him he should settle down. He said he always was in love with a childhood friend and he was about to get engaged to her about 2 years back ( which I knew but of course forgot!!!) but he didnt think he was ready then and had called it off. 2 years later, he regrets doing that and he wants to go back and tell her he loves her and wants her back. Incidentally, he is also leaving his hi-flying corporate job to pursue and study music and just follow his heart. He doesnt even know what she would say…how she would react…if she is seeing somebody   …anything. But as we sat chatting, somewhere deep down I knew this was going to be just right for him. I dont even know the girl and I dont know what will happen to their love story…but if a girl can make a man like him go weak in the knees, it must be something special. And while he is completely unsure of what he should do and say, he should say something- doesnt matter if it doesnt work, doesnt matter if she says no ( tho’ I know she wont), doesnt matter if it takes him another 2 years to marry her, he should tell her what he feels- because there might never be another chance.

And while I told him that, I thought of so many people I know- who got married to people they love but are not in love with. Sometimes just not telling somebody you love him/her at the right time might cause you a lot of pain for the rest of your life. While you might be happy in your world, accepting the past and what could have been and move on, somewhere deep down it hurts to remember what could have been, had you just said those three magic words at the right time. It does not take away anything just to say those words…instead it ca give you a world of happiness that you can never imagine.

Best of luck A!!!  Go and just say it- theres nothing thay you can lose!!!

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