Platonic Infidelity

The other day we went to watch Luck by Chance- not to see the movie…but to see Farhan Akhtar of course!!! And while we sat there, two women, stuffing our faces with popcorn and drooling over FA, there appeared the Italian God, also known as Hrithik Roshan to blow us away. I didnt know who to look at, who was better, who was hotter…FA or HR. And I joked that this was the height of platonic infidelity…drool over one man and admire another. And while I sat there and watched the movie, this thought stuck in my head forever. 

Is there anything called platonic infidelity? Does it ever happen that your first love continues to be your first love, no matter how old you were and no matter how trivial it was? Is it possible to love someone without even knowing or even caring if you are loved in return? Is there anything called unrequited love? Is there any need to be loved always? Does reciprocation mean you will love a person more or can you continue to love without even thinking what you are getting in return?

3 thoughts on “Platonic Infidelity

  1. you mad woman…u moved address and I didn’t know…have been waiting for a new post on the other address!!!

    And I come here to discover soooooooo many posts!!!!

    I think all that u asked in this post is possible….u can love people without them loveing u back…u can have feelings that remain unrequited for a life time too!

    me: i know…thats the point i was trying to make and just gave up half way- is it infidelity then? loving someone much more than the person ur with? i know someone very close to me who’s completely stuck in this frame of dilemma and I feel its perfectly justified to let some people occupy a place no-one else can ever!!! i have a post coming up on this in much more detail:)


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