I cant work

I really fail to understand where the problem lies…………..I cant work- and when i say this, pl understand this is not a frivolous statement made on a hectic day of getting bogged down under tremendous pressure. But instead, it is a well calcualted thought out part of my personality that Im trying to come to terms with- WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM? Why cant I get myself to do something nice and work hard and enjoy my work? This is not to say that I dont enjoy work- I love working but I cant work for too long- I get tired very easily, not physically but emotionally. And god help if I take a dislike to the organisation or any person at any stage- that just spells disaster for me- I will cry all the way to work and all the while there, literally. And the only time the faintest hint of smile that will appear at the end of my lips will be when Im packing up to leave for the day. And this can continue for days……………..and it usually ends in me quitting the job and looking for another one. Like a very close friend told me the other day- that my resume shall soon look like a 31st night party hopper. But Im smarter than that- I usually have the knack to be friendly and always manage to leave all orgs ( ok, most of them) on a very good note, as a result of which Im pals with a lot of my ex-bosses. So I called up thsi ex-boss in my hometown and told him that I was going to show my work ex for a longer period of time with his org than it was in reality- and did u know what he said? yes………..go ahead- and he solved one issue for me at that time.
But the problem lies somewhere else- I hate working for someone else- why should I waste my energy and time and put in so much of effort for something that I can use to my advantage. I work in a very niche sector and its something that does not affect the financila ups and downs of an organisation. So if I can use it to my advantage , why not? I think Ill just do that………but I need some reassuarnce to give up a full time job and just freelance and maybe put in some part time hours also….For those of you who know me, please tell me what you feel considering the fact that you knw me so well and for those of u who dont, pl tell me anyway, is it me or does verybody feel this way?

One thought on “I cant work

  1. I am in the same darn boat, mine is probably half sunk already 😦 I dislike my job with a vengence but am still at it….you seem to be far better off.


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