Its been so long that Iv almost forgotten that I had a blog-actually life has really been stressed in the last few months-moving to delhi,setting up house,adjusting to work and all of that nonsense. But now Im back again….slowly picking up the strings and trying to weave them together again.
I will not be pessimistic and say delhi is not a nice city-delhi is a nice city,i need to keep telling myself that if I want to survive it but only professionally. People are very clear about concepts and what work they want when-so unlike cal……and everybody is working all the time giving me that extra push to achieve more than I thought I could. But thats where the ball stops rolling- delhi is full of rude people and obnoxious drivers-i know i might be hurting a lot of sentiments here but it also might be that iv not met the right kid of people here. I do have cousins and some old friends here and they are my source of sustenance. I would have collpased here if I didnt have a backup system to push me to conquer each day and wake up to a fresh morning each day. But i miss the warmth of kolkata where every one u passed by smiled at u unconsciously as if in a dream-the support of the common man on the road if ur in the sligtest trouble and the ever smiling people at the restaurants who keep changing your orders without the slightest hesitation. Its so hard to find that in delhi…any person from kolkata would agreee that the food in delhi comes nowhere close to the amazing food that you get in cal-why cant they make chinese food te way its supposed to be? why dont the biryanis have delicious potatoes and why does the flour in the momos have to be so hard that you cant even swallow it? whats wrong with the people here? why cant they cook?
on a more positive note…….i have a nice house and very very surprisingly a good landlady who’s nice and sweet and old. and i love the markets here-sarojini ,lajpat and janpath……ooh……i can spend a whole day there. but ten again who do i go with? and who do i call to tell about my loot? thats exactly what im trying to say… might be a great city but there’s no one i can pick up te phone and talk to when im feeling low-there’s nobody i can ask out for a coffee wen im thru with my work for te day……and i feel horrible yet nice spending uge amounts of money talking to my friends in cal almost on a regular basis……i miss cal and i plan to go back there soon…….keep praying!!!!!!!!!

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