what do you say of a city youve grown up in? of all the roads and bylanes that seem to have that familiar smell of the known everytime you pass it by? of the sounds that remind you of memories you want to cherish for the rest of your life? of the people youve known forever and who know every nook and corner of your life?
now with days approcahing fast to my moving to delhi,there is a sense of mixed feelings bundled up inside me-of a certain kind of joy of exploring lands unknown mixed with a feeing of sorrow of leaving behind all that i know; a feeling of adventure waiting to traverse new shores in my career with a sense of apprehension about the people and the work culture of the city; a chance to explore new cuisines and tastes and still yearning for the quaint little tea-shop we haunt whenever we are feeling low;of forging new friendships and being scared of constantly comparing them to those we have left behind.
this decision to move to delhi was both instantaneous and planned in a way-we had been planning to move to another city for a long time in order to build our careers and move on with our life-and then all of a sudden everything happened in a rush-applications,interviews and offer letters. before i knew it i had got a job i wnated and had to move my base almost instantly-and then’s when it hit me-when i start to count the number of days i have left in the city before i move onto another journey of my life,my stomach starts to rumble and tears well up at the thought of leaving behind all that is dear to me-families,the friends,the teachers,the house,all my plants……….and the listr continues. and to top it all off,iv been told that its too expensive to lug my furnoture along and its better to buy new furniture once i get a house there-so its again a tryong time to consciously look at the switchboards and decipher the switch for the fan,rearrange cupboards and miss the smell of the old naptholene that used to invade its shelves. it is a new life………and i have to prepare for it……….and i wish i can forge ties all over again.

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