Pujo aasche!!!!!!!!!

I know iv become quite cynical about what pujos mean and all that it stands to symbolise….but its just a part of me that wants to blame ma durga for all that i wanted for myself but never got.
On closer introspection, I can really trace back the associations I have had with durga pujo ever since i could remember.
I remember when i was small………class III or so………..there used to be pujo outings with the family. Baba honestly never had time to spend with us during the rest of the year because he was heading admin and hr at one of the biggest hotels in Kolkata at that point of time. There was a long period of time when i kept blaming him for not allowing me to have any memories of my growing up years with him.There were also times when asked about which class i was studying in,he would be caught off gurad and had to have my mother remind him in a subtle way. Today after years,I have reconciled to the fact that he was working hard for us and to give us a life……its better to believe that than harp on the things we’ve missed out on. Anyway,it was during one of those pujo days when baba decided to take us out…….couple of cousins,me and my brother.I still remember the bus ride we took from Santoshpur to the Park Circus Maidan…..the bus was S24……to see the great Park Circus pujo. It was a huge deal for us …….to be able to hang onto his solid arms and visit all the stalls and then go somewhere nice on Park Street for dinner.
When we grew up and shifted house,ma became very involved with the Para pujo.which meant that for every morning of those five days she would be up at the crack of dawn and sometimes even earlier to get dressed and be at the pandal for all the work,gossip and laughter. I felt quite privileged in a funny kind of way for ma to be involved in such an intrinsic way……i felt i knew the inside happenings of the pandal…what the purut moshai said before he went up to do sandhi pujo…….what lakhi mashi wore and what she originally wanted to wear and all that trivia.
There was this one day when we would all be at durga bari ……..i was too young to have any of my friends there then but rather i had to tag along with my cousin and her friends who kept me quite entertained with icecreams,chips and chocolates . Not that i had anything to do at the durga bari but just that i had nothing else to do and being somewhere else other than your own para during pujos meant a lot.
And then when we grew up and were at college,pujo meant hanging out at maddox square on almost every evening just to be there and catching up with friends from all over. There was this particular year when there was notification of a cyclone to hit Kolkata during pujos. Knowing fully well that we night be caught in tremendous rain,me and a close friend still decided to waer expensive sarees and get to maddox square,the heart of Kolkata pujos for all college youngsters. It wasnt long before the cyclone struck and we were drenched to the skin,all in our silks and heavy jewellery. Another friend decided it was time he came to the rescue and turned up with his father’s battered ambassador to take us for dinner( yes,we were still soaking wet) and then to his house which was close by where we could spend the night. Of course,seeing this as the best option available we decided that this was the best thing to do and we climbed in only fr the car to stop working and us having to push it to a nearby dhaba,in the rain and in our saris while our good frind sat at the steering wheel,trying to make the engine purr. He said he needed to be at the wheel,today I feel he was just plain smater and thought it would be wise to not get wet.
Now sitting back after so many years of all these incidents,I fervently hope that pujo brings back the same enthusiasm it had for me then. Today,while sitting at my bedroom window and looking out at the pandal under construction just outside my window I dont feel any longing for another year………..and i hate this. I want to look forward to hearing the dhakker awaj and smell the dhunuchi naach during sondhi pujo.Im praying that Il get back all that I lost.

One thought on “Pujo aasche!!!!!!!!!

  1. Ritu,it nice to find you again in the midst of the “Puja Rambling”….let loose a lot of emotions here.You have been linked to my blog.hugsDebjani


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