and the doctor said……..

It was one of those horrible meetings i have been dreading for so long-my visit to the endocrinologist……….basically a specialist in thyroid.And there it was all in front of me…..extremely high thyroid and high bp…..which simply means eating almost nothing and staying off all the things i love which includes potatoes(in any form) biriyani,chocolates,icecreams,cold drinks,alcohol………basically everything thats nice and is needed to live,very ironically a happy life.
So here i am……dying with frustarion but very determined to shed off all that excess weight and get back into shape asap.
Till then…….see you and all of you…….keep eating

2 thoughts on “and the doctor said……..

    • hey asha…yes and unfortunately that I think will be my downfall. Pleasantly surprised to see someone reading such an old post. I cringe when I read those posts now. God, I have come a long way since then- and it is so clear through what I wrote then and what I write now


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